Our Mission

  • Promote and support the development of high quality Public Waldorf Education
  • Strengthen the community of schools guided by the principles of Public Waldorf Education
  • Increase the visibility of Public Waldorf Education in the greater educational landscape
  • Make Public Waldorf Education accessible for all.

This Is Achieved Through . . .

Our Mission

  • Administrative and pedagogical guidance
  • The Alliance annual national conference
  • Online resources
  • Seasonal newsletter
  • Networking services
  • Volunteer work of the Alliance board and committees

Become a Member

Visit our membership page or contact our Membership Coordinator Charles Burkam.




Our Service Mark Agreement with AWSNA

The two organizations are committed to working together to strengthen the integrity and promote the highest quality of education arising out of the insights of Rudolf Steiner through sharing resources, cultivating collegial relationships, and supporting the ongoing development and professionalism of member schools. Member schools of AWSNA engage in a process of organizational development, culminating in a 7-10 year cycle of self-study and peer review.  Member schools of the Alliance engage in organizational development, through a process that includes self-study and peer review.  Specific information on these processes can be found on the AWSNA and the Alliance websites.


Visit our joint Differentiation Document detailing how Public and Independent Waldorf Schools align and diverge.


In support of the tens of thousands of families whose children attend a school that is a member of either AWSNA or the Alliance, we offer this shared statement to better understand both Waldorf  and Public Waldorf Education. Waldorf educators, whether they work in independent schools (AWSNA) or in public/charter schools (Alliance), hold Rudolf Steiner’s goal for education to be eloquently expressed in the following quotes:


“The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility – these three forces are the very nerve of education.” Rudolf Steiner, Study of Man, (2004, p. 190)