Fall Confluence 2016

Widefall-2016-1st-pagening the Circle:
Diversity / Equity / Innovation



  • The Future of Public Waldorf Education: How Woodland Star Charter School serves a signifiant and growing population of Latino families and English Learners by Brooke Sevenau
  • Betty Staley Interviews Linda Williams, Ed.D. on All Our Children are from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds 
  • Liz Beaven, Ed.D. on The Essential Principles of Public Waldorf Education   
  • Jeff Lough, M.S. on Understanding Special Education in the Public Waldorf School   
  • Mary Gervase, Ph.D. and Mary Goral, Ph.D. on The First International Forum on Public Waldorf Education in China 
  • P L U S announcing a special edition of Confluence on The Social Justice Impulse in Public Waldorf Education due out at the January 2017 National Conference