Alliance Annual Conference 2013

Conference 2013  
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Conference 2013

January 18-20, 2013
Rudolf Steiner College
Please join us for the Alliance annual conference at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. This year we will focus on deepening our connection to the roots of Waldorf education and its philosophical and pedagogical underpinnings.
Our esteemed keynote speakers, Betty Staley, Bonnie River and Liz Beaven, will bring you to a fresh look at childhood development and the Waldorf curriculum, a closer look at the esoteric life of those who serve our school communities, and an renewed understanding of teaching as a true vocation, not an occupation. With them, we will explore questions and themes that live in the realm of public Waldorf education as we bring Steiner’s work into a contemporary framework.
Conference Materials:
Keynote Presentations:
Liz Beaven Liz Beaven, Ed. D.
Child Development and the Waldorf Curriculum: A Framework for Contemporary Practice
Waldorf education is developmental: the curriculum addresses the unfolding nature of the growing child. If we understand that picture of development, we are more able to understand and apply the curriculum in any setting. We will explore the basic model, the resulting curriculum, and its relevance for twenty-first century educators, examining where the basic principles align with contemporary research.
Bonnie River Bonnie River, M. Ed.
Do you Hear Them Calling? What Brings Adults into Waldorf Education?
Waldorf education in the public realm requires of teachers and administrators a deep connection to the pedagogical underpinnings and initial impulses of Waldorf education as well as an ability to work with integrity while addressing the requirements of the state. What does it really take to be a public Waldorf educator? As we seek to remain true to the foundations of Waldorf education and bring them to life despite challenges, could it be that who we are and how we think is of more significance than what we teach?
Betty Staley Betty Staley, MA
The Three Castles and The Esoteric Life of The Teacher
Teachers live in many different realms at the same time. As Waldorf teachers we have a priority to pay attention to our inner development, to the feeling aspects of our social relationships, to the transformation of our thinking, to the strengthening of our will, and to honest confrontation with our shadow. The inner work we do in these areas helps us guide the children with enthusiasm, purpose, and love. This keynote and workshop sessions will describe these areas of inner development using the three castles — the castle of King Arthur, the castle of the Grail, and the Castle of Wonders from the legend of Parzival — as a metaphor for this kind of work. Exercises will be shared in each case to help us in our practice. Although it is helpful to be familiar with the legend, it will not be necessary in order to benefit from the presentations.
Detailed information on all this and much more can be found in our conference brochure.
Pre-Conference Workshop:

HHoffecker-Burgess Consulting

George Hoffecker and Donna Burgess of Hoffecker-Burgess Consulting
Deepening our Working Together through Mindful Communication: Inner Attitudes and Practical Strategies for Building and Maintaining Connection through Speaking and Listening

Friday, January 18, 1:15 PM – 5:15 PM at Rudolf Steiner College

We will explore key concepts and practices from Rudolf Steiner, Marshall Rosenberg, Parker Palmer, and Otto Scharmer that help us to bring our highest values to life through our communication. Through role plays, games, and dialogue we will practice strategies designed to build skills for connecting with ourselves and with others even in challenging situations.
Following the Conference:

The Center for Systemic Leadership

The Center for Systemic Leadership
co-sponsored by the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education
Working with Complexity in Charter School Communities:
When and Whom to Include?

Sunday, January 20, 3:00 pm and Monday, January 21, 8:30 to 3:30 pm.

The Center for Systemic Leadership offers a workshop for administrators, board members and faculty leaders. You’ll come away with tangible, concrete skills to bring back and use immediately! To register for this workshop (only) call 916-864-4858.