Reprinted from Waldorf Today






A Charter School Perspective


By Donald Samson


Is it possible for a public Waldorf charter school to reflect the same depth, joy, magic and artistic as well as academic excellence as a private Waldorf School? Can a public charter develop a classroom culture that is equal in its manifold layers to what we find in the private sector?


Can public charter teachers take on the mantle of the Waldorf teacher with its demanding, yet rich inner life and equally demanding active outer life? Although many think that the jury is still out, those of us who work in these public charter schools would reply with a resounding Yes!


The following article was published in early March online in Waldorf Today.


We highlight it here with permission.  The article was written by Donald Samson (, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Juniper Ridge Community School ( that is located in Grand Junction, CO.

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