WHAT: Mini-grant awards up to $1,000

THEME: Arts Alive in the Classroom

This year’s mini-grants were awarded to help new initiative and developing schools provide quality materials and other support to arts activity in the classroom including painting, handwork, music and drama. The goal is to help fill gaps in a school’s existing program in order to bring it more fully into line with the Waldorf arts curriculum.

In 2015 $500 grants each were awarded to Woodland Charter School, Murphy, OR to support its 3rd through 8th grade strings program, and to Green Valley Charter School, Los Banos, CA, to support its 4th and 5th grade class plays.

Funds for the these mini-grants are raised through generous donations to a Silent Auction at the Alliance’s annual national conference held at Rudolf Steiner College.  Our deep appreciate goes to those who donate to the Silent Auction.