2014 Conference Highlights

Develop strength
To teach

Gather courage
To face

See by the light
Of the undefined rebel
Of the future.
– Stephen Keith Sagarin

2014 was the largest Alliance largest conference on record with 225 participants and 40 presenters!
Keynoters provided a new perspective that took us out of the trenches and into a truly global perspective.

One highlight was the closing remark of international pedagogical leader Martyn Raswon who stated boldly, “When I return to Europe, I will highly recommend that all Alliance schools be added to the international list of Waldorf schools!”

Find out more about what our paradigm shifting keynoters had to say:
From Stephen Sagarin


From Martyn Rawson


COMING SOON: Live conference footage including filmed keynote addresses.

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Keynote Presentations:
Martyn RawsonMartyn Rawson
An international guest and author of many books including “the big yellow book” entitled The Educational Tasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum.
Stephen SagarinStephen Sagarin, Ph.D.
author of The History of Waldorf Education in the United States: Past, Present and Future and faculty chair at Great Barrington Waldorf High SchoolVisit Stephen Sagarin’s blog WHAT IS EDUCATION at http://ssagarin.blogspot.com/
Martyn Rawson
Pre-conference on Friday afternoon from 1:00- 5:30 PM with Martyn Rawson International Perspectives on Waldorf Essentials 

Using his book and his global experiences guides, Martyn will lead an experiential and social afternoon that takes participants on journey into the heart and soul of Waldorf curriculum. Practical, informative, and provocative, the international perspective on the “essentials” of Steiner education, which this event will offer, is sure to leave participants well rooted in their pedagogy and philosophy, yet free to bring the education in a way that fits their community. Teachers, administrators and board members alike can use this renewed understanding of the essentials in making curriculum and policy decisions for their schools.

Recommended text: The Educational Tasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum, by Martyn Rawson

Eugene SchwartzEugene Schwartz
Post-conference on Sunday from 2:30-8:00 PM with Eugene Schwartz
Facing the Present, Engaging the Future

Eugene Schwartz has been a Waldorf educator and consultant for almost 40 years.

Learn more about Eugene’s work at: http://millennialchild.com/

PART 1: FACING THE PRESENT Explore the ramifications of Waldorf charter schools throughout the Waldorf move- ment. A variety of themes will be covered as together we look at the three streams of Waldorf education in the U.S. and seek to unite them. Key topics of Part 1 include fund- ing and freedom; state tests and their effect on children and teachers; public Waldorf schools as bridge between private schools and home schools; and, reflections on the first hundred years of Waldorf education.

Part 2: ENGAGING THE FUTURE Is the future already present? The second half of the post-conference will fo- cus on the following themes: importing pedagogy, out- sourcing governance; from sustainability to resilience; and, thoughts about the second hundred years of Wal- dorf education.

Join us for this lively event, which promises to be full of provacative lecture and engaging dialogue.

Workshops offerings based on last year’s feedback will include form-drawing, history through the grades, painting for beginners, practical arts, movement and games for the classroom, the arts in middle and high school, anthroposophical study, early childhood arts, therapeutic work, business and administrative policy, and more.
Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions for teachers and administrators will offer a chance to share practical resources around key issues.
Eurythmy with Alice Stamm
Singing with Eva Cranstoun and Kate Janzen
Debate Night
Debate Night with skilled teams including our keynoters and distinguished colleagues
Film Clips
Film clips featuring scenes from Eugene Schwartz’s new film Considering Waldorf
Conference fee: $150 for Alliance members, $200 for non-members (both include Saturday lunch) when paid by January 1, 2013
Pre-conference workshop fee: $35
Post-conference workshop fee: $35