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Alliance Member Schools and Initiatives


Birchtree Charter School, Palmer, AK

Boreal Sun Charter School, Fairbanks, AK

Winterberry Charter School, Anchorage, AK


Desert Sky Community School, Tucson, AZ

Desert Marigold School, Phoenix, AZ

Desert Star Community School, Cornville, AZ

Mountain Oak School, Prescott, AZ

Pine Forest School, Flagstaff, AZ


Almond Grove Charter School, Merced, CA

Credo High School, Sonoma County, CA

Coastal Grove Charter School, Arcata, CA

Community School for Creative Education, Oakland, CA

George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, Sacramento, CA

Golden Valley Charter School, Orangevale, CA

Heartwood Charter School, Castaic, CA

Journey Charter School, Aliso Viejo, CA

Live Oak Charter School, Petaluma, CA

Monterey Bay Charter School, Pacific Grove, CA

Foundations Public Schools, Los Banos, CA

Novato Charter School, Novato, CA

Ocean Charter School, Los Angeles, CA

River Oak Charter School, Ukiah, CA

Sebastopol Charter School, Sebastopol, CA

Stone Bridge School, Napa, CA

Sun Ridge Charter, Sepastopol, CA

Woodland Star Charter School, Sonoma, CA

Yuba River Charter School, Nevada City, CA


Juniper Ridge Community School, Grand Junction, CO

Mountain Phoenix Community School, Wheat Ridge, CO

Mountain Song Community School, Colorado Springs, CO

Mountain Sage Community School, Fort Collins, CO


Seaside Community School, Jacksonville, FL


Syringa Mountain School, Hailey, ID


Kona Pacific Public Charter School, Kealakekua, HI


Cairn Hill, Arlington, MA


Madrone Trail Charter School, Medford, OR

Portland Village School, Portland, OR

Woodland Charter School, Williams, OR


Circle of Seasons Charter School, Lehigh Valley, PA


Tomorrow RIver Community Charter School, Amherst, WI


Alliance Member Organizations/Businesses


Hoffecker-Burgess Consulting

Kentahten Teacher Training, Crestwood, KY

Live Education!

Sophia Micha-el Remedies

Russell and Company
producers of the new film Considering Waldorf

Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA


Non-member Schools and Initiatives

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