Spring 2018 Confluence

The edition’s focus is on Public Waldorf High Schools, and reports on the
three high schools in operation: GW Carver School of Arts & Sciences (9-12) in
Sacramento, CA, Credo High School (9-12) in Rohnert Park, CA, and Desert Marigold

School (K-12) in Phoenix, AZ.
An effort to establish the Washington School of Arts & Sciences in Washington D.C. has begun, and the Juniper Ridge Community School, in Grand Junction, CO, is currently serving grades K-10 with the goal of a full K-12 program.  The edition also
features an interview with Principal Sharon Saunders on developments in Atlantic
Beach, FL where a new elementary school is in development and on the World Eurythmy Festival (Eurythmy Slam!) that took place recently in Pasadena, CA.