Honoring Betty Staley











A Celebration of 50 Years in Waldorf Education


On March 4, Lindon Hall at the Sacramento Waldorf School was the scene of a retirement party in celebration of the extraordinary life of Betty Staley.  In attendance were Betty’s three children, dozens of colleagues spanning her years of teaching children and adults, and a room full of Betty’s students from across five decades.  It was a joyous evening full of story telling and a slide show depicting the founding of the high school at the Sacramento Waldorf School.


ClicBetty's Booksk here to read a biography of Betty’s life in Waldorf education that was published in booklet form as a gift for all attendees at the celebration.  It includes a the covers of many of the books Betty has published over the years to share her leanings with colleagues and parents.


You can also read an interview with Betty in the Spring 2017 issue Confluence about the significance of the Waldorf high school curriculum and experience.

January 12-14, 2018 Save the Date!

Core Principles of the Alliance of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education

Core-Principles-Poster-FinalThe Friday night keynote address was given by Alliance Board President Liz Beaven on the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. A colorful poster articulating the seven Core Principles was distributed to each attendee. Copies have been mailed to all member schools. Small group discussions were organized for participants to reflect on two of the Core Principles and share how they are in evidence in their school community.  The Core Principles will now serve as the centerpiece of the Alliance’s Self-Study process that member schools will conduct on the Path of Membership for a sub-license as a Public Waldorf school.


Best of Confluence!

A 32-page Special Best of Edition of Confluence, the Alliance’s twice-yearly news magazine, featuring articles reprinted over seven years of publication from 2011-2017, has been printed in hard copy.  To view the magazine on-line click here.  To order copies for your school library or quantities for distribution, email the Alliance office at alliance.public.waldorf@gmail.com


Waldorf 100 – The Film


The new fall edition of Confluence features seven articles by seven members of the Alliance Board or Advisory Board on the seven Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.  To subscribe and receive Confluence in you email inbox sign up here.


100th Anniversary of Waldorf Education


The 100th anniversary of Waldorf education will soon be here!  The first Waldorf school opened its doors in September 1919.  Today Waldorf education is a global movement with schools in over 60 countries.  To view a documentary film created in preparation for the centenary anniversary go to Waldorf 100 – The Film and share the link with colleagues and friends.


As Alliance member schools we will have the opportunity to join a worldwide centennial celebration scheduled to occur in the 2019-20 school year.


The Alliance is represented on the North American 100th anniversary planning committee that is in turn connected to an international planning committee.  Look for updates on plans for participation in events and celebration as we move towards the anniversary.


Spring 2017 Issue of Confluence

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THE INTERVIEW   Confluence editor Chip Romer interviews Betty Staley on celebrating her 50th Anniversary as a Waldorf educator:  A Life Devoted to Waldorf Education


TEACHINGS   Jack Petrash offers a teacher’s reflection on Election 2016: What Do We Say to Our Children? 


FROM THE FIELD   Alliance President Liz Beaven reports on a visit to the Community School for Creative Education in Oakland, CA and her conversation with Dr. Ida Oberman: Fidelity & Flexibility 


NEWSMAKERS    Alliance Treasurer Charles Burkam interviews Lydia Whitham on her process of Founding a Public Waldorf High School in Washington, D.C.


FROM THE FIELD  Alliance Administrative Coordinator Victoria Temple reports on how how educators in Massachusetts — including colleagues at The Waldorf School of Lexington — are striving to meet the social mission of Waldorf Education in Many Rivers, Once Source.


FROM THE ALLIANCE   Liz Beavens offers an update on what to expect next On the Path of Membership in the Alliance as a Public Waldorf School


HAPPENINGS    Shares news of interest in the movement and offers resources for teachers.  To share news from your school please contact Victoria Temple at alliance.public.waldorf@gmail.com






Mini-Grants Proposals Due On April 1

school garden

2017 Alliance Mini-Grants to Focus on School Gardens

The deadline for submitting a proposal is midnight on SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2017


GRANT RANGE:  $500 – $1,600


The Alliance Mini-Grants program is intended to deepen the theory and practice of Public Waldorf education.  Any Alliance member school at any stage of development is eligible to apply. The goal is to provide modest funding to fill gaps in a school’s operating budget allocation for a school garden programming.





Spring 2017 Confluence Out on April 1

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Chip Romer interviews Betty Staley on the 50th anniversary of her life in Waldorf education that includes foundational leadership of the Public Waldorf school movement. To read Betty’s biography go to A Celebration of Fifty Years in Waldorf Education.


Jack Petrash ponders how to best serve our children and school communities in the age of Donald Trump.


Charles Burkam shares his conversation with Lydia Witham on the new Public Waldorf High School in development in Bethesda, MD.


Liz Beaven reports on her recent visit and interview with Ida Oberman at the Community School for Creative Education in Oakland, CA.


Victoria Temple interviews the educators at Cairn Hill, on their support of Public Waldorf education via after school and pre-school programs in the greater Boston Area.


From the Alliance reports on the Path to Membership process leading to the licensing of Public Waldorf schools, and Victoria Temple reports in Happenings the news from member schools.



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Fall Confluence 2016

Widefall-2016-1st-pagening the Circle:
Diversity / Equity / Innovation



  • The Future of Public Waldorf Education: How Woodland Star Charter School serves a signifiant and growing population of Latino families and English Learners by Brooke Sevenau
  • Betty Staley Interviews Linda Williams, Ed.D. on All Our Children are from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds 
  • Liz Beaven, Ed.D. on The Essential Principles of Public Waldorf Education   
  • Jeff Lough, M.S. on Understanding Special Education in the Public Waldorf School   
  • Mary Gervase, Ph.D. and Mary Goral, Ph.D. on The First International Forum on Public Waldorf Education in China 
  • P L U S announcing a special edition of Confluence on The Social Justice Impulse in Public Waldorf Education due out at the January 2017 National Conference


Core Principles of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education

After a summer of collaborative work, the Board of Directors of the Alliance adopted new Core Principles of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education at its September Board & Advisors Meeting, with the intention stated in the introduction to the seven core principles that they serve to ensure that “PublIc Waldorf education is ever-evolving, and continuously renewed through practice, research, observation, and active reflection.”



Also, as a part of ongoing efforts with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), a joint summary of key similarities and differences between Alliance schools and AWSNA schools and principles has been developed, noting that both sets of principles arise from the same source.

Fall Confluence Out on October 31

The Fall Confluence will address key themes of the 2017  Conference. THE INTERVIEW will feature Betty Staley speaking with Dr. Linda Williams. The TEACHINGS article by Jeff Lough will look at special education best practices in Public Waldorf schools. Editor Chip Romer will report FROM THE FIELD on a roundtable discussion with five school leaders about their multi-year process of welcoming Hispanic students into Woodland Star Charter School in Sonoma, CA. Daniel Bittleston will report on developments at one existing school and two new initiatives designed to serve African American students in LIVING WALDORF.   Sign up to receive Confuence!



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The Alliance logo for use on websites  For questions about compliance with the service mark agreement with AWSNA contact Victoria Temple for more information.




305 Educators Attend National Conference






Widening the Circle: Culturally Relevant Practices featuring Dr. Linda Williams

The Alliance’s 2017 Annual National Conference will take place on MLKing Jr. weekend, January 13 – 15, at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA.  Online registration begins on December 1. Full details will be posted on both the Alliance and Steiner College websites on November 1.


lindawilliams2This year’s Conference features keynote speaker Linda Williams, Ed.D., who served as a class teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School from 1987-1992, after which she taught grades 1-3 at the public Urban Waldorf School in Milwaukee.  Returning to Detroit, Dr. Williams became the Elementary Program Director of the Waldorf Institute of Southern Michigan, also teaching grades second through eight. She received her doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching and Education Policy from Michigan State University.  In 2006, Dr. Williams became professor of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University.  In 2015, she returned to the Detroit Waldorf School as the first grade class teacher.  We are excited that she will bring her rich experience in the classroom and with teacher training to our Conference on Culturally Relevant Practices in Public Waldorf education.


Other Highlights  |  Jack Petrash will return this year to offer a Pre-Conference Workshop on Friday afternoon.  |  Board President Liz Beaven will present the Friday Night keynote address introducing the new Core Principles of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.