Joint Waldorf 2020 Conference

Save the date for June 22-25, 2020, in Chicago!

This conference, jointly sponsored by AWSNA, the Alliance and WECAN, closes the year’s activities in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Waldorf Education. It will share the lessons learned up to the present and set the stage for the next 100 years of collaboration within the movement.  

Seeding the Future: “Learn to Change the World” Trailer

The world gets better one person and one action at a time. “Seeding the Future” provides a glimpse into the principles of Waldorf education, an education that fosters concern for others, connection to the world, and the capacity to be in service to society. This video short is a trailer to the international film, “Learn to Change the World”

As a result, there will not be a separate national Alliance conference in the Winter of 2020.

We warmly encouraging your school to get involved in Waldorf 100 activities and plans for celebrations as part of the 2019-2020 school year. This past year most schools have been participating in postcard exchanges with schools across the globe, giving a unique perspective on mapping the world.

In addition to local celebrations, recorded interviews about Waldorf education are being collected though the Waldorf Chronicles program, additional efforts at community engagement are being encouraged through Hand-in Hand, and an environmental focus is being brought through the GreenBee initiative.


Spring 2018 Confluence

The edition’s focus is on Public Waldorf High Schools, and reports on the
three high schools in operation: GW Carver School of Arts & Sciences (9-12) in
Sacramento, CA, Credo High School (9-12) in Rohnert Park, CA, and Desert Marigold

School (K-12) in Phoenix, AZ.
An effort to establish the Washington School of Arts & Sciences in Washington D.C. has begun, and the Juniper Ridge Community School, in Grand Junction, CO, is currently serving grades K-10 with the goal of a full K-12 program.  The edition also
features an interview with Principal Sharon Saunders on developments in Atlantic
Beach, FL where a new elementary school is in development and on the World Eurythmy Festival (Eurythmy Slam!) that took place recently in Pasadena, CA.


Eventbrite - 2019 Alliance Annual Conference

Mark your calendars for the  2019 Alliance National Conference to be held for a second year at George Washington Carver High School in Sacramento.

We will be addressing the theme of Widening the Circle for a third and final year and are excited to pick up crucial themes of diversity, inclusion, and access to our education.

It requires courage to develop an alternative path on behalf of our children. Join us to explore the importance of inclusive, accessible whole-child education for all children. Participants are invited to reflect and to engage around topics of equity, race, inclusion and the policies needed to support Waldorf education in the public sector.


Dr. Jonathan Raymond, former superintendent of Sacramento City Unified school District, and author of Wildflowers. Dr. Raymond will address the perseverance and strategies needed to establish and sustain our schools and the importance of whole-child education for every child.

Luis Versalles, of The Pacific Education group will lead us in an exploration of our inner beliefs and attitudes about race, equity, and inclusion. His work focuses on helping educators to engage in and sustain conversations about race.

Waldorf 100



We continue to collaborate with AWSNA and WECAN (early childhood) on planning for Waldorf 100, the celebration of 100 years of Waldorf education, and on preparations for a major joint summer 2020 conference in honor of this anniversary. Save the date for June 23-26, 2020, in Chicago! The conference will focus on the theme of innovation as we look towards the next century of Waldorf education. We hope that many Alliance teachers and administrators will attend this conference.

We will be warmly encouraging your school to get involved in Waldorf 100 activities. Many schools have been participating in postcard exchanges with schools across the globe, giving a unique perspective on mapping the world. There will be four major areas of focus for the year of celebration:

  1. Green Bee Wildlife Web: world-wide school activity to support pollinators, bees, butterflies and birds. Watch for more information on activities and curriculum ideas for this important ecological theme.
  2. The Waldorf Chronicles, a Story Corps project that will record stories of many aspects of Waldorf education. This will begin with the theme of “founders” this Fall – and Alliance Advisory Board member Betty Staley will be one of the first to tell her story.
  3. Hand in Hand Community Engagement: a wide range of community/school projects.
  4. Celebrations and Events: school-based, local, national, and international.

Watch for more information on each of these and prepare to join with schools across the globe in celebration and action!

Spring Board Meeting in Monterey

Front row from left to right:  Mary Rudd, Helene Brodsky-Blake, Cassandra Bridge, Mary Goral, Rainbow Rosenbloom and Charles Burkam. Back row from left to right:  Victoria Temple, Chamomile Nusz, Liz Beaven, Daniel Bittleston, and Chris Topham.



The Alliance Board of Directors and Advisory Board members met for the annual Spring board meeting to guide the work of the Alliance into the 2018/19 school year.


Items on the agenda included a review of all Alliance work, a focus on the ongoing Path of Membership process, and a review of the status of the first schools to complete the process:  Desert Marigold School in Phoenix, AZ and Sebastopol Charter School in Sebastopol, CA.


Also, Mary Rudd was appointed to join the Alliance Board as a new member at this gathering.  Welcome, Mary!



2018 Mini-Grant Awarded to Birchtree!

Alliance Mini-Grant Awarded to Birchtree Charter School in Alaska



This year’s Alliance Mini-Grant was designed to fund projects fostering inclusion in Alliance schools of any age or stage of development.  The grant was awarded to the Birchtree Charter School in Palmer, Alaska. The decision was difficult with so much innovation and development around inclusion taking place in Public Waldorf schools around the United States.


Thank you to all the schools that submitted applications; there is no shortage of inspiring projects around inclusion and we wish we could help fund them all.


Birchtree Charter School will be utilizing the funds to develop a ukulele program to help bring the joy of playing an instrument to students who struggle with fine motor skills and playing the violin. With a population projection of over 20% special needs students for the 2018/19 school year it is the goal of their music teacher to meet the needs of all of her students no matter their learning challenges. The inclusion of ukuleles will deepen the theory and practice of Public Waldorf education for the over 400 students who attend school at Birchtree. The Alliance is excited to fund this innovative project that works to expand inclusion for struggling music students.




Winter Confluence Focus on Core Principles


The new fall edition of Confluence features seven articles by seven members of the Alliance Board or Advisory Board on the seven Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.  To subscribe and receive Confluence in you email inbox sign up here.



At the Annual Conference in 2017, a Friday night keynote address was given by Alliance Board President Liz Beaven on the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. A colorful poster articulating the seven Core Principles was distributed to each attendee. Copies had been mailed to all member schools. Small group discussions were organized for participants to reflect on two of the Core Principles and share how they are in evidence in their school community.  The Core Principles will now serve as the centerpiece of the Alliance’s Self-Study process that member schools will conduct on the Path of Membership for a sub-license as a Public Waldorf school.

For a Word document version of the Core Principles

Best of Confuence Special Edition


A 32-page Special Best of Edition of Confluence, the Alliance’s twice-yearly news magazine, featuring articles reprinted over seven years of publication from 2011-2017, has been printed in hard copy.  To view the magazine on-line click here.  To order copies for your school library or quantities for distribution, email the Alliance office at


2018 Conference
at Carver High School



To Access the Conference Brochure for Details


The Alliance’s 2018 conference took place over MLKing Jr. weekend on January 12-14, continues the ongoing conversation about widening the circle of students served by Public Waldorf education through a deepening of our knowledge and experience with culturally relevant practices.  This year keynote speaker Kim John Payne will ask the question: Who’s in the Classroom?  in order to address the needs of diverse learners.  Kim is also offering a Pre-Conference Workshop on Friday afternoon on The Three Streams of Healthy School Culture that involves building an integrated support process for social inclusion, restorative discipline and learning support.


On Friday evening, we offered an interactive evening of presentation and conversation on the surprises, opportunities and challenges of our Expanding Field of Public Waldorf Education.  A free Post-Conference Workshop with Charles Burkam took place on the Steps to Membership: Learning Who We Are on Sunday Afternoon as we move toward the final from and launch of the Path of Membership process.


Our traditional Sunday morning Rudi Talks offered A Report on Current Public Waldorf Research by three educators in the field.   An Alliance Annual General Meeting will also take place at the close of the conference on Sunday afternoon to which everyone is welcome.


A host of exciting Workshops and Breakout Groups took place at our new Public Waldorf school location.  We gratefully thank the staff and students of  George Washington Carver High School of Arts & Sciences, for their support making this conference possible.