Annual National Conference 2016



Alliance Annual National Conference |  January 15, 16 & 17, 2016

Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA


You can read below about what happened last year.  in 2016 we will welcome esteemed Keynote speaker Jack Petrash.  Bente Goldstein will be back, offering a workshop and Pre-Conference session on Friday afternoon.  More information will be coming soon!




We Have the Will to Work  Educating the Will for the 21st Century and Beyond with esteemed presenter Bente Goldstein


Bente Goldstein is a Waldorf school graduate from Norway who comes from a long line of teachers.  Her grandmother pioneered kindergartens in Norway and her mother was a Waldorf School teacher.  Though she lives in Wisconsin on an organic farm, she spent most of her childhood attending Steiner schools both in Oslo and Bergen, Norway, intermittent with living in Lapland above the Arctic Circle. She did her Waldorf training at Emerson College where she met her husband, a bio-dynamic researcher. After taking the first class through Prairie Hill Waldorf School in Wisconsin, she started teaching farm programs on her own farm and has been teaching them for 15 years. Her work in the classroom and observations of children working in farm activities has helped her form her theories of what will education is really about. She feels our educational task is to determine how to give the right amount of real work at the right age and for the right temperament…to make children grounded in the healthiest way for the present and future.  She is presently writing a book called, Childhood is a Verb!


Pre-Conference:  The Whats, Whys & Hows: Creating and Sustaining Meaningful Work for the Will with Edmund Knighton, Ph.D. with Steve Payne (gardening), Dolly Oberti (Clas Modeling) and Johnny Finn Romero (woodworking).


12 Workshops options will include drawing, painting, singing and handwork skill-building and insights on digital media literacy, behavioral challenges, and the nature of will in children.  12 Breakout Groups for teachers and administrators will include collegial conversation on child study, individualized educational plans (IEPs), maintaining a gardening program, competitive sports, math games and classroom discipline.


Post-ConferenceFinding a Smarter Balance: Staying True to the Impulse of Waldorf Education in the Face of the Common Core with Mechelle Horning, Principal of Alice Birney School, and Lauren Rice and Jane Marks.



Morning Eurythmy with Cynthia Hoven
Daily Singing with Eva Cranstoun
Folk Dancing with Donna Burgess
Credo Rose student Eurythmy performance
Fireside Chat with Joan Almon and Betty Staley


Conference Fees: $150 for Alliance members, $200 for non-members (both include Saturday lunch) when paid by January 1, 2013
Pre-conference workshop fee: $45
Post-conference workshop fee: $45