Waldorf 100



We continue to collaborate with AWSNA and WECAN (early childhood) on planning for Waldorf 100, the celebration of 100 years of Waldorf education, and on preparations for a major joint summer 2020 conference in honor of this anniversary. Save the date for June 23-26, 2020, in Chicago! The conference will focus on the theme of innovation as we look towards the next century of Waldorf education. We hope that many Alliance teachers and administrators will attend this conference.

We will be warmly encouraging your school to get involved in Waldorf 100 activities. Many schools have been participating in postcard exchanges with schools across the globe, giving a unique perspective on mapping the world. There will be four major areas of focus for the year of celebration:

  1. Green Bee Wildlife Web: world-wide school activity to support pollinators, bees, butterflies and birds. Watch for more information on activities and curriculum ideas for this important ecological theme.
  2. The Waldorf Chronicles, a Story Corps project that will record stories of many aspects of Waldorf education. This will begin with the theme of “founders” this Fall – and Alliance Advisory Board member Betty Staley will be one of the first to tell her story.
  3. Hand in Hand Community Engagement: a wide range of community/school projects.
  4. Celebrations and Events: school-based, local, national, and international.

Watch for more information on each of these and prepare to join with schools across the globe in celebration and action!