Spring Board Meeting in Monterey

Front row from left to right:  Mary Rudd, Helene Brodsky-Blake, Cassandra Bridge, Mary Goral, Rainbow Rosenbloom and Charles Burkam. Back row from left to right:  Victoria Temple, Chamomile Nusz, Liz Beaven, Daniel Bittleston, and Chris Topham.



The Alliance Board of Directors and Advisory Board members met for the annual Spring board meeting to guide the work of the Alliance into the 2018/19 school year.


Items on the agenda included a review of all Alliance work, a focus on the ongoing Path of Membership process, and a review of the status of the first schools to complete the process:  Desert Marigold School in Phoenix, AZ and Sebastopol Charter School in Sebastopol, CA.


Also, Mary Rudd was appointed to join the Alliance Board as a new member at this gathering.  Welcome, Mary!



2018 Mini-Grant Awarded to Birchtree!

Alliance Mini-Grant Awarded to Birchtree Charter School in Alaska



This year’s Alliance Mini-Grant was designed to fund projects fostering inclusion in Alliance schools of any age or stage of development.  The grant was awarded to the Birchtree Charter School in Palmer, Alaska. The decision was difficult with so much innovation and development around inclusion taking place in Public Waldorf schools around the United States.


Thank you to all the schools that submitted applications; there is no shortage of inspiring projects around inclusion and we wish we could help fund them all.


Birchtree Charter School will be utilizing the funds to develop a ukulele program to help bring the joy of playing an instrument to students who struggle with fine motor skills and playing the violin. With a population projection of over 20% special needs students for the 2018/19 school year it is the goal of their music teacher to meet the needs of all of her students no matter their learning challenges. The inclusion of ukuleles will deepen the theory and practice of Public Waldorf education for the over 400 students who attend school at Birchtree. The Alliance is excited to fund this innovative project that works to expand inclusion for struggling music students.