Spring 2012 Vol. 1, No.1

Welcome to the first issue of Confluence, a bulletin of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education! Why “Confluence?” It embodies who we are, the meeting point and flowing together of two great streams of education: American public education with its ideal of accessibility for all, and the enlivening, universal current of human development found in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Education. With this picture in mind, we mark the birth of Confluence, the voice of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.

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Member Survey Reveals Exponential Growth and a Deep Commitment to Waldorf Training!

The Alliance’s newly developed “Fact Sheet” highlights the exponential growth of our movement and our deep, ongoing commitment to Waldorf Teacher Training. Here you will also find an expression of our schools’ most urgent development needs, needs which Members expressed directly through phone conversation during our recent member survey.

At the World Waldorf Teacher’s Conference in Dornoch, Switzerland, the big picture painted by these conversations has been shared with our many international allies. A wave of excitement and support for our schools now ripples throughout much of the greater Waldorf/Steiner Educational landscape.

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Parents ask of teachers, “How can we support our child’s educational experience??”

“The Ten Needs for a Healthy Childhood and Educational Experience”, from Larry and Virginia Temple, provides an answer that is illuminated with the essence of Waldorf Education. Parents at schools like Live Oak and Journey School are finding the guidance offered here practical, profound, and accessible.

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